Jorge Ortiz

Software Engineer

My name is Jorge Ortiz, I am many things but the one serving as purpose for this site is Software engineer. Throughout my career I’ve been involved with a variety of projects including working with a bank, a publishing company, a producer and marketer of flowers company, a healthcare system and a Business process platform. I have experience working with big companies such as; Siemens and Fraunhofer, startups like 3Metas and other german Software companies like OMNINET , PACE GmbH and nowadays at Bally-Wulff.

On february 2011 I came to Germany, it was a great decision. I didn´t know how that would be, neither for how long, today here I am and way a lot of things have just transformed in my life. I have learned to love changes, to embrace new dares... As an engineer, situations, technologies and environments are changing all the time, well, I love that. I like to use technology for solving complex problems. I like to learn new things.

Among others, I am also a father and I also love movement and many sports.

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