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Jorge Ortiz

Software Engineer, Web developer, IT geek, life curious, free spirit and sport freak :).

Last Certifications


M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers

Web Application Architectures

I am a Software engineer. Throughout my career I’ve been involved with a variety of projects including working with a bank, a publishing company, a producer and marketer of flowers company, a healthcare system and a Business process platform. I have experience working with corporations such as; Siemens and Fraunhofer. I’ve also worked with startups like 3Metas and german Software companies like in my last two jobs at OMNINET and at PACE GmbH.

On february 2011 I came to Germany leaving my comfort zone and embracing new dares, it was a great decision. Since then I’ve learnt a new language, I’ve gotten to know great people and a new culture. I was also fortunate enough to spend more time in the academy and experience working with great projects, companies and people.

Situations, technologies and environments are changing all the time and I adapt quite well. I love Computing Science and am a passionate worker who enjoys getting to know smart people and collaborating together to find new approaches and solutions. I am always curious about computer languages, new technologies, development methodologies and patterns.

When I am not hanging out with my computer, I am playing squash like crazy, escaping the city with my mountain bike, or going climbing. I also have a passion for trying new things; recently I’ve discovered AcroYoga, guitar playing, dancing and Painting.